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  • Jay Swaminarayan from Pujya Guruji

Welcome to Swaminarayan Gurukul Kandari

A 'gurukul' (Sanskrit guru "teacher" or "master"; kul domain, from kula, "extended family") is a category of Hindu educational system in India, imparting knowledge of Sadvidhya", residential in nature, with pupils shishya aspirant of education lives in the vicinity of the guru, often within the same educational domicile.

To keep perished the tradition of hallowed Gurukul in existence and to propagate the Lord Swaminarayan's philosophy of Sadvidhya, His Holiness Divine Shashtriji Shree GhanshyamPrakashDasji Swami benchmarked the unmatched foundation of Modern Vedic Swaminarayan Gurukul kandari (SGK). Kandari, Gujarat. Sadvidhya is the knowledge of scriptures, culture and the true original form of The Soul".Read More

The Founder

  Keeping to this enduring assurance of liberation, Sole Supreme Lord Swaminarayan delegated Muktanand Swami, “Mother of Swaminarayan Sect”. Sole Supreme Lord Swaminarayan’s philosophy and principles have been persistently persuaded and preserved, in all its sanctimonious way, by a valiant and untainted .... Read More